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Gassho! :rose: May your life be filled with nothing but love, light, peace, joy & beauty. :heart:

...a non violence group featuring the beauty and glamour of the human or humanoid fantasy female; clothed or nude, young or not so young, thin or not so thin; happy, pouty, cute, cuddly, sexy, seductive, exotic, erotic or just simply lovely and beautiful; in a consensual and peaceful setting.

(our membership and submission guidelines are listed below the "Gallery Folders.")

Gallery Folders

Group Guidelines

Erotic Cuties Membership

MEMBERSHIP IS RESTRICTED to artists whose galleries contain works of their own creation (or in the case of models, works of that model), of which a minimum of five such works would be suitable for submission to the group under the group's submission guidelines.

If not, we invite you to "watch."

Submission Guidelines

Non Violence Works only, please

As a non violence group, we do not feature art depicting the darker side of blood, gore, violence, middle finger gestures, bondage, BDSM, weapons, whips, anger, aggression, fear, or any non consensual actions against a woman. Any works of that nature belong in a group more suited for that type of art.

Female only, please

Our group is "Female Only." Please no female/male group settings. (Exception would be gatherings, such as parties, bars, street or beach scenes where males are a part of the background and not the subject of the particular work).

Let us see those beautiful heads. Yes!

We are a cuties group, we want to see those beautiful eyes and that lovely smile or sensuous lips; or from the back side, that beautiful hair, whatever the style. So, please, no "headless torsos" or "just body parts."

Oh those ugly watermarks

Those of us who call ourselves artists, photographers or models want to protect the integrity of our work and our copyrights. I certainly do. With that said, there becomes a point where a watermark or copyright (or "censored" overlay) notice overpowers the beauty of the work. A good example of this is the large standard d/A watermark smack dab in the middle of a work. Sorry, but we would rather not have those in our group.

About Art Theft and Porn

This group does NOT support art theft. With that said, we are NOT a “watch dog” group nor do we want the role of cop, judge, jury and executioner. If you feel a work in our gallery is stolen... report it to d/A, not us.

This group does NOT support PORN as defined by d/A. (I personally have no objections to any type of art, porn or otherwise – “to each his own” – but if d/A does not want it on their site, then it does not belong in this group either.) There are a lot of “fuzzy” or “gray” areas that are not totally clear in d/A rules or seem to be enforced differently on different works. You might find some of those “fuzzy” or “gray” area works in our galleries. If you think they are porn and are offended by them, please report them to d/A not the group.

(D/A porn rules -(FAQ #565: You prohibit the submission of 'pornographic imagery'; what do you consider this to be?) - (FAQ #248: Are there restrictions on art using children or teenagers (fictional or otherwise)?))

Photo Manipulations

Photo manipulations should include copyright information relative all of third party art (original art which belong(s) to someone other than yourself) AND / OR links to the third party works used in the manip.

Obviously, the intent of this provision is to keep unauthorized work out of our galleries. Any photomanip submitted with insufficient ownership information might not be accepted.

Non acceptance of any work is not an accusation that the submitting artist does not have rights to the work submitted; only that the submitting artist has not included the requested information OR it is being rejected for other guideline conflicts.

All mediums are welcome but completed works only, please

Quality of Work Submitted

While all (conforming) art and artists are welcome, there is a minimum (rather subjective) standard as to the quality of the work. If an administrator feels the quality of the work is not what we want - for whatever reason - nothing personal... it will not be accepted.

Rejected Work

Reasons for rejection are (1) we hit the reject button by accident in which case we will apologize and re submit it to you for acceptance; or (2) it may be the most beautiful work ever done, but if it does not meet the group criteria it will be rejected on the basis of non conforming content.

If your work is not accepted without a reason, please examine the work and the site rules and you will probably find the reason there. If work which violates group guidelines or an objectionable work (in our opinion) is inadvertently added and subsequently discovered, it will be removed.

And, PLEASE submit to the appropriate gallery

Thank you for understanding and adhering to these group guidelines. (These guidelines are subject to periodic change)





Group Info

An adult oriented, non violence group featuring the beauty and glamour of the human or humanoid fantasy female; clothed or nude, young or not so young, thin or not so thin; happy, pouty, cute, cuddly, sexy, exotic, erotic or just simply lovely and beautiful; in a consensual and peaceful setting.
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2,370 Members
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A Word of Thanks

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 2, 2015, 4:41 AM
Hi everybody :wave:

Dear fans of EroticCuties, it's been 6 months since I became this group's founder, and so many things happened in the mean time that I haven't had enough time to thank everybody for making the group what it is :aww:

Just as a reminder, here are the great members of the crew, in alphabetic order:

:bulletblack: Co-founders:
:iconchrism-erotic: :iconean-sze: :iconjpnrendersandphotos: :iconlynxander: :iconmickyjenver: :icongb62da:

:bulletblack: Moderators:
:icondonnadomenitzo: :iconkittystardraco: :iconlexxii: :iconnudetaylor: :iconrevburnsie-redux: :iconms-claire-m-dawkins: :icondollyprincess:

:bulletblack: Contributors:
:iconaelarethelennar: :iconbluesixtynine: :iconbrianmphotography: :iconcerino67: :iconcraigmac1000: :iconcwichura: :icondannygoedicke: :iconhungrylonewolf: :iconhidrico: :iconhipolitouribarrigoye: :iconinnocenttazzlet: :iconjackanita: :iconjay-afterdark: :iconjjforte06: :iconjohn-logan: :iconkazarinakristina: :iconladiespet: :iconlegendoflmpf: :iconlucky-jj: :iconmaleica: :iconmetalhed13: :iconmic-ardant: :iconnaked-spirit: :iconnicholas2004: :iconnikweb: :iconnjdvintage: :iconphues1: :iconquanticdementia: :iconravenmoondesigns: :iconrrward: :iconsaphirenishi: :iconscottworldwide: :iconsid-l: :icontatianavish: :icontimnaas: :iconwildplaces: :iconwolfgang1947:

On a side note: some of you may have experienced weird problems while submitting pictures. I have done some corrections, but if you think that something went wrong, feel free to send a note from the group's main page:

Here are the rights, as a reminder:

:bulletblack: Contributors:
Any folder except "Our Own Admin's Gallery": free submissions, no vote
Featured: 1/month, subject to vote

:bulletblack: Standard members:
Any folder except "Our Own Admin's Gallery", 5/day, subjected to vote
Featured: 1/month, subject to vote

May the Force of Love be with You

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